Reused materials

In the event of reuse, existing materials undergo minimal processing when given a second life in a new product. For example, the characteristic beams in our Drifter programme are made from old FSC-recycled mooring posts reclaimed from European ports. In addition, FSC-recycled Douglas wood (European softwood) from container shipping is suitable for repurposing in our Heavy-Heavy programme.

Recycled materials

Streetlife has been using a variety of recycled materials on a large scale for quite some time now. Recycling stems the growth of the waste stream and reduces the burning of waste rubbish. All Black, a solid black beam made of recycled industrial plastic, can be used as an alternative to FSC-certified hardwood in the Rough&Ready range and Solid series. There is also Cloudy Grey, a recyclate consisting of 50% recycled textile and 50% recycled plastic. Both materials are recyclable at the end of a product’s lifespan.

Bio-based composites

In recent years, the quality and versatility of bio-based composites has increased significantly thanks to the greater availability of bioplastics, bioresins and various fibre materials, all of which are mainly used to reduce CO2 emissions and minimise the depletion of fossil raw materials. Streetlife is steadily expanding its range of bio-based composite products. We now have Synthetic Cones reinforced with dried grass, Giant Flower Pots and Green Circular Benches reinforced with hemp fibres and Streetdeck composite decking that comprises 75% residual wood.

FSC-certified wood

FSC-certified hardwood is responsibly harvested wood. Streetlife is FSC certified and the choice of hardwood in our furniture underlies the material’s many qualities. Besides its attractive appearance and durability, wood is also ideal due to its insulating properties. By consciously opting for the FSC quality mark, we endorse responsible forest management alongside selective logging. With Streetlife as the last link in the FSC chain, you can be sure that our wood is processed responsibly throughout: the entire supply chain is traceable, from felling to end-product. Every link and every company that processes or uses the wood is FSC certified (Chain of Custody). And working conditions for local populations involved in logging are also considerably better. You can find more information on the FSC website.

Metal sheet materials

In addition to hardwood, Streetlife products also incorporate sheeting materials, often as a supporting frame or a connecting element. Streetlife prefers to use untreated CorTen because the natural formation of an oxidised layer creates an impenetrable protective ‘rust patina’ on the steel, which then requires no further maintenance. Any damaged areas grow new patina as a result of oxidation. The service life of carbon steel can be extended with powder coating or hot-dip galvanising. On roof terraces and parking decks, aluminium-based tree planters like Airtubs or Ultra Light Tubs are a good choice as aluminium is a highly recyclable material.